Paranormal Investigations

  • 180mins | Presented by Brynamman Public Hall in collaboration with Celestial Paranormal

The Public Hall we have today traces it's origins to the 1920s where it was funded by the "check-off" system, whereby weekly contributions were deducted from the miners' wages, initially to build the hall, and subsequently to run it. The original Brynamman Public Hall, which sat on the same plot, burnt to the ground on the 15th of December 1915.

The opening ceremony of the new Public Hall was held on 15th May 1926. The cinema started with silent films until the 1930's, when the "talkies" came along. As well as a 1100 seat cinema, the building housed a billiard room, library, meeting rooms, miners lounge and facilities for live performance.

The hall has been in continuous use ever since, operating as a full time cinema, part time theatre and community space for many different activities.

Brynamman Public Hall is steeped in history. As one of very few surviving Public Halls, the building has welcomed millions through its doors in its century of operation.

Many people believe the Public Hall to be haunted. From eerie bumps upstairs to doors slamming on their own, strange figures in the darkness to the unexplained rare and strong smell of pipe tobacco in the projection room.

Brynamman Public Hall has teamed up with Celestial Paranormal to give you the opportunity to tour the building at night and investigate for yourselves! Are you brave enough to walk the corridors of Brynamman Public Hall in the darkness?

Paul Williams

I'm Paul and I'm the owner and tour guide of Celestial Paranormal. I've been taking ghost tours/investigations for almost 20 years.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had an interest in the paranormal, from seeing things that I couldn't explain such as figures standing at the end of my bed, to voices that no one else heard. It was very frightening, but as I became an adult, it grew alongside me. It felt normal and just part of my life.

Over the years, I've investigated many locations from Craig Y Nos Castle, where I've been for over 15 years, to places like Woodchester Mansion, Skirrid Inn and the Ancient Ram Inn.

Malc Lawes

I'm Malc Lawes and I work with Paul at Celestial Paranormal. I've been interested in the Paranormal since the 60s, when I met a lady called Doris Stokes who was a British medium and spiritualist. She worked with my auntie, who was also a medium. From that day of meeting her things happened which I can't explain, and growing up in a haunted house was amazing but scary at the same time.

I think we all see and hear things that we can't explain. You see something moving out the corner of your eye… then you question yourself... WHAT WAS THAT?

I've worked with the most haunted team 4 times at Craig y Nos Castle and I’ve been on lots of other investigations in places such as Bodmin Jail, The Skirrid Inn and many old graveyards. I do love old Churches.

We are not alone. But how do we prove it?

About Your Investigation

Some nights can be more active than others, but it all depends on the people participating. If the people participating are open-minded and focused on the experiment, we tend to get a lot of activity.

Each and every investigation is different, and that's down to the people taking part on the night. Any negativity from one single person can ruin an entire night as their negativity produces negative energy which in itself can prevent any activity from taking place. More often than not, the investigations themselves are fantastic with people experiencing something during the night, from a touch to seeing something that they can't explain.

We have a range of equipment that can be used on your night. We have a K2, an EVP recorder, rem pods, rem bears, light up bears and light up balls. All equipment will be explained in the briefing and before being used in each room.

You'll try glass swirling with 'yes' and 'no' answers to every question. This experiment has proved to be very successful in connecting to spirit. We also do open and closed séances. An open séance is where members of the public sit in a room altogether or individually and call out. A closed séance is where everyone joins hands to form a circle. This is where I believe that when everyone is holding hands, it forms a collective energy and circulates through everyone going around the circle and creates an infinite energy, which in turn helps spirit communicate. Also on the night, we use a ouijia table which like the glass swirling gets fantastic results to many questions.

Equipment aside, the most important tool is YOU. Without your energy and positivity, communication would be so difficult. Positive energy is the key to unlocking our world to theirs!

I hope to see you soon on your very own investigation.

Event Details

  • Dates & times of upcoming paranormal investigations can be found at the bottom of the page
  • Tickets must be purchased online. Once purchased, a QR code will be sent to you. Please have this ready when you arrive
  • The time shown on your email confirmation is the meeting time at the Public Hall. There will be a short induction and the investigation will commence
  • There will be a short break during the investigation with refreshments available to purchase from the cinema shop
  • Investigations are expected to last approximately 3 to 4 hours but can be longer depending on activity
  • There is space for 20 people on each investigation. Once all tickets are sold, the investigation will be marked as Sold Out
  • Tickets are non refundable
  • Minimum age 17
  • If you have any questions, please contact us

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